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Add Mark Brannan works to gallery page
Add a link to "China & Mandelbroit music"
in Mandelbrot music page.
You can hear MP3 Mandelbroit Music in this site
Add MP3 Files for early music
Add Music for Penguin DJ and
Music for sakura vs mandel
to Mandelbrot music page.
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Welcome to "Strange Music Archives".
You are the or the visitor to this site.
Here is an another world of classical music. Mandelbrot Music, Medieval / Renaissance Music and others. They are a little strange but wonderful. Enjoy!
Also there are programs for Cakewalk and Roland JV/XP and CGI scripts. They are free.

  • All MIDI data are standard MIDI files (Format 1).
  • Some of the MIDI data are specifically tuned to SC88, ROLAND. You need SC88, SC88VL or SC88Pro with complete fidelity.
  • The copyright policy in this web-site is here.
  • Links to the pages in this site are encouraged. All HTML Pages can be linked freely.
  • I would like to write a response to a question and feedback. Please e-mail to me.
  • I would like to update this site occasionally with new MIDI data and articles. Please revisit.
Last modified on Sep.9.2001

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