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Mandelbrot Suit 1 for a micro tone piano (1996)

This suit is the first work by mandbrot.exe. It consists of 12 pieces and takes 40 minutes to play all pieces. You can select a piece on a clickable map.

The image above is a clickable map. You can click the place you want to hear.
You can get Midi and INI files in my old site, in English here and in Japanese here.

Like a prelude.

maqam segah
Imaginary Arabic music with a scale maqam Segah.

dagio, but can not be Adagio.

Music for quarter tone. Teribbbbb…..bbbble.

Prest^2, extremely fast. So called modern music, isn’t it?

A little piece in a pentatonic scale.

It couldn’t be an invention, could it (^^;

raga bhairav
Hindu raga BhaiRav scale. The problem is that it couldn’t be heard like Hindu music (^^;.

A fugue composed by Johann Sebastian Mandelbrot Bach (^^;;;

gamlan slendro
Gamelan Slendro scale. Enjoy micro tone beauty (^^;;

Music for a sextant tone. Listening 10 and 11 continuously, you shall indulge yourself in micro tone beauty completely (^^;;;(^^;;;

I intend this piece should be a postlude but …..

last updated Nov. 2008