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MP3 Files for Early and Classical Music

This page collects MP3 files of  my recent works. They are made by using MIDI synths (Roland JV-1010 / JV-2020) or a software sampler (Nemesys GigaDtudio160).
For several years ago I have been feeling many expressive limitations with so-called DTM  instruments such as Roland SC and Yamaha MU series. Poor tunes, restricted musical control and lacks of correspondence for musical expression, especially in classical chamber music world.
So I searched and tried another instruments such as JV, Csound and GigaStudio. Finally I am now enthusiatic about Nemesys`s GigaStudio160. I think its possibility is very large. I am happy if these works give you a feeling of the possibility.
The works in this page are works-in-progress.  I will revise them continuingly. So I do not want them reprinted without my permission. They are public for your private hearing purpose.
Of course your comments are always encoouraged. 
July 20 2001  Yo Kubota

Works by GigaStudio 160

Catalonian Fork Song

mp3 128Kpbs  by Xsample Vol 7 cell + GigaPiano and other samples

Sweelinck,  Jan Pieterszoon (1562 - 1621)

"Pavana Lachrime"
mp3 128Kpbs   by GigaHarpsichord Vol 1 (Flemish Harpsichord)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 - 1750)
"Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jues Christ"  BWV 639  from Orgelbuchlein
arraged by Yo Kubota for oboe damore and harpsichord
mp3 128Kpbs   by Xsample Vol 7 oboe damore + GigaHarpsichord Vol 1 (French Harpsichord)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756 - 91)
"Divertiment K136 1st movement"
mp3 128Kpbs   by Garritan Orchestral Strings 

Works by JV-1010 and JV-2080

Des Pres, Josquin (1440 - 1521)

"Ave verum corpus Christi"
Duum  (1.3MB)  mp3 128Kpbs  
Trium  (1.4MB)  mp3 128Kpbs 
by SR-JV80-13(Chorus) and SR-JV80-02(Orchestral)

"Milleregretz"   (2.0MB)
mp3 128Kpbs   by SR-JV80-13(Chorus) and SR-JV80-02(Orchestral)
Cabezon, Antonio de (1510 - 1566)
"Diferencias sobre el Canto del Caballero " (2.7MB)
mp3 128Kpbs   by SR-JV80-07(SuperSoundSet)
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 - 1750)
"Choral No. 54" from Mathew's Passion (2.1MB)
- O Haupt, voll Blut und Wunden -
mp3 128Kpbs   by SR-JV80-13(Chorus), SR-JV80-16(Orchestral 2) and SR-JV80-02(Orchestral)

Echo from French Overture (1,2MB)
mp3 128Kpbs  by SR-JV80-07(SuperSoundSet)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756 - 91)
"Ave Verum Corpus"  K.618 (3.3MB)
mp3 128Kpbs   by SR-JV80-13(Chorus), SR-JV80-16(Orchestral 2) and SR-JV80-02(Orchestral)

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